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your body is a jar full of summer fireflies.

so i’m on an annie stokes kick here as i’m clicking through the past month or so of my friends blog and i’m drinking wine alone at home with my dog (whose name is funnily also annie) and feeling hurt and still licking my wounds from a — fresh leadon/let down/giving up on love but not really because i LOVE loving people and apparently especially when it’s not given back because love is really the answer you guys, and i truly believe if you project love and happiness to everyone you meet it will, one day, come back to you and hey if it doesn’t at least you spread love to every soul you encountered, but i’m still hurt — kinda mindset. so read her shit because she’s awesome and i guess to quote my favorite nada surf song and mantra for life “always love.” that’s it. just love with all your heart soul and humanly and outerworldly fibers. LOVE.